Q. Why would I want to hire your vehicles?

A. Where else can you hire the sickest 4x4 campers on the Gold Coast? Our unique cars, from the 80's to 2020 will take you on the wildest of adventures, go off-road to places you've never seen before with all the comforts that will make camping a breeze. When you book with us we also provide you with the option to follow one of our three jam packed itineraries with all the off-road secret spots, views, sunset locations, places to eat and much more! The adventure starts with the next horizon.

Q. Where can I book / see availability and have more technical information about the vehicles?

A. View our Camplify listings! 

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Q. How old do I need to be to hire / What licence is required?

A. For insurance purposes the minimum age to hire is 21. 

You also need to have a full drivers licence and if you’re driving Nelson you need a full manual drivers licence. 

Q. Where are you located / where do I pick up and drop off?

A.  We are located in Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We send out the address to those who book with us.

Q. Can I leave my car when I pick up?

A.  Yes! There is plenty of parking avalible to accommodate your vehicle whilst you're traveling. 

Q. What about insurance?

A.  Our booking platform Camplify has provided us with the highest level cover of comprehensive insurance to ensure you have a care free trip. This also includes 24/7 breakdown cover & off-road cover. For more information click here.

Q. Can I go off-road?

A.  Yes you can! You must tell us your off-road routes in advance and they must be approved to be covered by insurance if something goes wrong. We also can provide you with our favourite places to go off-road! 

Nelson: He will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go... I mean look at him. 

Ozzlo: A very easy to drive 4x4 automatic, we suggest not going on tracks that are rocky / unsteady as he also carries weight on top. 

Nahla: No off-roading 

Q. What happens if I breakdown /  have an accident? 

A.  If a breakdown occurs, stay safe and get off the road, call us then call Camplify on 1300 416 133 - They will call NRMA roadside assist. If damage happens, you must report it immediately, take photos, record who, what, where, when then call us! And don't stress, you'll be covered by insurance. If your trip is cut short due to an issue with the vehicle we do provide vouchers for you to use for your next trip with us.

Q. Where can I go / where can't I go?

A.  You can go anywhere your heart desires! 

If you are crossing a boarder, be aware you may have to apply for a boarder pass. If the boarders are closed due to COVID19 please do not attempt to cross them with our vehicles. 

We have decided that Fraser Island and Moreton Island are off limits with our vehicles. From experience we know if something goes wrong you will be stranded there and our insurance won't cover it. 

Q. How many Kilometres am I aloud on my trip?

A.  200km a day! So, for example if you are hiring for 5 days you have 1000km of travel distance. You will be charged an extra 40c for every extra km you go over the limit. We suggest if you want to travel further, book for more days so you can get the most out of your adventure.

Q. Are there any additional fees to pay?

A.  When you book through Camplify you will see you have the option of adding linen for an extra $10. This fee covers the cost of buying the linen (each car has its own linen set), replacing it if it gets damaged or stained and washing & drying after each use. 

The small service fee covers a full disinfect, wash and clean of the vehicle and tent, washing towels, kitchen utensils and accessories. It also includes basic kitchen supplies such as coffee, sugar and a some little goodies from us. 

If you go over the 200km a day limit there will be an additional cost of 40c per km. 

Q. Are the tents easy to set up and pack away?

A.  The rooftop tents are very simple to set up and pack away. We have provided steps within our 'Vehicle manuals' which are provided to you when you hire with us. We also have a short video showing how the tents and awnings are set up and packed away which is available upon request. 

Q. I can't drive manual! Do you have any automatic cars?

A.  We sure do! Ozzlo is an automatic, he's very easy to drive on & off road.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel my trip? 

A.  Our cancelation policy with Camplify is 'Moderate' Click here to learn more. Any cancelations due to COVID19 will be refunded or rescheduled. 

Q. Will you be expanding to other states?

A.  Due to COVID19 we have had to postpone our plans to have vehicles available in other sates. Hopefully when there are no more boarder closures we can expand. 

Q. What happened to your 1996 Suzuki Sierra 'Pearla'?

A.  Pearla was our most loved vehicle and the inspiration behind Horizon Adventure co. She has gone to a new amazing home where she will be adventuring for the rest of her days. We will miss her very much. 

Q. Will you be adding more vehicles to the fleet? 

A. Yes! In fact we have a very different vehicle, this one is a classic and we can't wait to share it with all of you.

Q. Tell me more about your itineraries?

A.  We are glad you asked! We've spent a lot of time creating some of the best road trip itineraries for your adventures! They include; Campsites, must see locations, off-road driving areas, fun activities, the most beautiful hidden beaches & waterfalls, secret sunset spots, spectacular views, places to eat, toilet & bathroom facilities and so much more! Click here for more information. 

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